A Few Things to Know About Sex Therapy

Despite popular myths harbored by some people concerning sex therapy and therapists, there is nothing freaky about it.

A sex therapist can assist you to solve emotional issues which may be contributing to your sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, which are often considered to be a leading factor in most failed marriages.

Whether you consult a psychiatrist, psychologist or marriage counselor, sex therapy may solve a variety of issues such as erectile dysfunction and low libido among other sexual problems. So what is sex therapy? Who qualifies to be a sex therapist?

1. Sex Therapy is Primarily Counseling

Contrary to what some people think, there is nothing strange, deviant or kinky that happens behind the walls of a sex therapist’s station. In fact, sex therapy is not different from other kinds of psychological counseling.

2. It Explores the Psychological Nature of Sex

Your sex therapist will only help you work through some emotional issues that could be contributing to sexual problems which may include erectile dysfunction.


Sex therapy normally begins with learning about sexual anxiety. From there, it moves on to training a couple how to create open lines of communication when discussing sexual wants as well as needs. The struggling couple may also explore other issues which could be causing stress in their relationship.

3. You Will Be Given Some Homework

While nothing sexual in will happen at the therapist’s office, he may give you some ideas for things you may try out in your privacy at home.

The consultant may suggest that you try something known as sensate focus exercises. These exercises are designed to assist a patient in attuning adequately to his or her partner. These exercises are typically done in a series of stages, starting with massaging or stroking anywhere on a partner’s body, excluding the breasts and genitals.

The main aim is to experience the pleasure of touching rather than rushing to reach orgasm. Eventually, these exercises can lead to exciting intercourse.

4. It is Advisable that you Bring Your Partner

If you are dealing with sexual challenges as a couple, it is advisable that you bring along your partner. But if you are looking to solve some personal issues, you should meet with your consultant one-on-one before meeting him accompanied by your mate.

5. You Should Be Careful When Choosing a Sex Therapist

When choosing a sex therapist, check credentials, ask for references and also make sure that you find a one who is qualified to assist you sufficiently.

Fulbright, an authority in this discipline says it is important to search for a focus on the general human sexuality or the words sex therapist in the professional’s title.

All professionals offering such sensitive services should at least hold university degrees in marriage and family therapy, theology, social work, psychology or medicine.

6. Sex Therapy Is Not a Blanket Medicine

It is, however, important to note that sex therapy is just like any other form of psychological counseling. That means that this therapy cannot fix any physical limitations which may be leading to sexual complications. It normally helps with problems that are chiefly mental or emotional in nature.

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