As a Hippie Housewife, I attempt to find remedies or solutions for various things that I am faced with.  Trying to figure out meals that everyone will enjoy and are somewhat healthy, to sexual health, and emotional health.

One of the situations that we are faced with is Seasonal Affective Disorder. There are many natural remedies to help treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD), which happens to more people than one may think.  Not everyone can relocate to the sunny states.

SAD is a depressive disorder that is triggered by the change in the season, most commonly the change to fall and winter.  All forms of depression limit a person’s ability to live their life to the fullest extent.

People with this disorder tend to experience any number of symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, irritability, changes in eating patterns, and a lack of interest in activities they once enjoyed.  Enjoy this blog and hopefully, you may find some tips or suggestions to try for yourself.