October 3, 2023
Are Food Additives Really Safe

Are Food Additives Really Safe?

What is the best diet plan?  This is a question that many of us ask over and over again.

There is a lot of differences of opinion on this topic, just like there is about the additives that go into our food that we consume every day.

One group will say that one diet plan is the best, just like one group will say that this additive is safe for us to eat.  On the other hand, another group will say that this diet plan is harmful to our bodies, just like another group will say that this additive in our food will harm us or make us sick.

Who Regulates The Additives

The Food and Drug Administration is one of the main group that regulates the additives that are put into our food.  This group was set up and started regulating and setting guidelines for such products in 1958.  The newer products now go through thorough testing and reviews to ensure the safety of the consumers.  One of the factors they consider is how much is consumed on a regular basis and what would the effects be, with short and long term consumption.  The problem occurs with the older additives, in 1958 one of the regulations says that once an additive is approved, even though technology has improved for more advanced testing, the approved additive does not have to go through any additional testing.  So it is like once approved, always approved.

Why Are Additives Used?

  • To keep food looking fresher and healthier
  • Some are used to add nutrition to our food
  • Others are used to preserve our food and keep them from spoiling
  • Additives are combined with some of our food to add color to it
  • Some products have additives added to replace fat that will add to the texture

bad food additives

Making Your Own Choice

One of the best pieces of medical tips is everything in moderation.  There are many different spices that are also used such as salt, sugars and even baking soda that are added to our foods to change the taste or help to preserve them.  These are all considered to be safe and honestly, most of us have these in our kitchen cabinets.  The problem comes in with too much of anything.  Too much salt can have a bad effect on most human bodies.  An excessive amount of salt is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure.   If a person consumes a larger amount of processed foods and then puts salt from their shaker on the food on their plates, chances are they are consuming too much salt.

Another issue with these items considered to be safe is that there are people who have allergies to certain foods or food products.   Common sense is that if you notice when you eat a certain type of food if it makes you feel ill, is not to eat it anymore.  Read the label and see what is added to this product.  You can narrow what is making you feel ill by the process of elimination or comparing and looking for the same ingredients in the foods that make you feel ill.  It is no secret that growing your own food and eating fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden is the safest way for us to obtain food.  The reality is that not all of us can do this process.  Many people today are watching what they eat and trying to exercise regularly by being aware and working out.

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