Top 10 Sex Tips for the Older Man

Top 10 Sex Tips for the Older Man

As you grow older, it doesn’t mean that you stop having better sex. Along with the changes you need to make to your lifestyle for health and fitness reasons, you also need to ensure that you enjoy healthy and active sex life.

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Be Affectionate

As you will have learned with experience, displaying affection and emotions to your partner leads to better sex. It is the little things that count. Cook a romantic meal, go out on private dates and hold hands, these are some of the little things you can do to improve your sex life and form a deeper connection with your partner.

There is no rush. With age comes the added benefit of a lot of free time and fewer responsibilities. This will give you the time that you need to stretch your sexual experience. Slow down the process and live in the moment.


This is one of the best natural remedies for improving your sex life with your partner. Experiment with new positions and change your sexual routine to make it more interesting for both of you. Even something as simple as having sex in the morning rather than at night like you usually do can add spice to your life.

Top 10 Sex Tips for the Older Man


As you and your partner age, it is natural that it takes time for one or both of you to get aroused. Be understanding of these changes and extend your foreplay to as long as it takes to have the most pleasurable sexual experience with them.

Emotional Roadblocks

Address emotional roadblocks that might be arising. From low self-esteem regarding your own body image to a fear of lack of performance; you need to face these emotional obstacles and overcome them as best you can if you want to keep having better sex with your partner.


This is another great way to improving your sex drive. Just by improving your daily activity level and including a bit of exercise in your life, you can make a huge difference to your sex life.

Address Medical Conditions

It is also possible that your reduced sexual performance is due to a medical condition that you have been ignoring; this is quite natural with age. If you notice any massive changes to your sex drive, you should consult your doctor who can give you better insight. If you have a back problem, consider purchasing an orthopedic mattress.


It is important that you talk to your partner about the changes you feel. By discussing what you or your partner can improve upon or the emotional roadblocks that you need to overcome, it can help make your relationship more open.

Avoid Alcohol & Smoking

Both of these substances can affect your ability to perform. Reduce the intake and avoid them as much as possible if you want to keep yourself healthy and maintain a happy sex life.

Remain Sexually Active

It is also important that you remain as sexually active as possible. If you have long periods of inactivity, it will become increasingly difficult for you to have sex later on.

Also, remember that sex has a lot to do with your emotional and health wellbeing as it does with the actual act. By addressing all the mental and physical changes, you’re going through; you can overcome any age-related sexual problems and keep having better sex.

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